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Distribution of recombination distances between trees – poster at SMBE2010

I just came back from SMBE2010, where I presented a poster about our recombination detection software and had the chance to see awesome research other people are doing. The poster can be downloaded here (1.MB in pdf format) and I’m … Continue reading

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fault-tolerant conversion between sequence alignments

Despite I’m very charitable when testing my own programs, I’m not so nice when asked to scrutinize other people’s work. That’s why I was happy to see the announcement about the ALTER web server being published at Nucleic Acids Research … Continue reading

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The specialization of novel genes

Recently a paper about the software MANTiS called my attention, and I’ve been trying to write about it for a while. This announcement at the EvolDir list seemed like the perfect opportunity. I must warn you though that I’ve never … Continue reading

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Genetics, Vol. 184, 27-42, January 2010

Selected articles with abstracts from current issue of Genetics Continue reading

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