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This blog is being put to sleep

I realized that I have too many blogs, too little time. Since I didn’t quite get the grip of wordpress (I cannot customize the way I want, I don’t have full control about the final formatting, I cannot add gadgets, … Continue reading

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Distribution of recombination distances between trees – poster at SMBE2010

I just came back from SMBE2010, where I presented a poster about our recombination detection software and had the chance to see awesome research other people are doing. The poster can be downloaded here (1.MB in pdf format) and I’m … Continue reading

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fault-tolerant conversion between sequence alignments

Despite I’m very charitable when testing my own programs, I’m not so nice when asked to scrutinize other people’s work. That’s why I was happy to see the announcement about the ALTER web server being published at Nucleic Acids Research … Continue reading

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The specialization of novel genes

Recently a paper about the software MANTiS called my attention, and I’ve been trying to write about it for a while. This announcement at the EvolDir list seemed like the perfect opportunity. I must warn you though that I’ve never … Continue reading

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Using System-on-a-Chip hardware to speed up alignments

In recent years there has been an explosion of parallel algorithms for solving bioinformatics problems, namely phylogenetic reconstruction and sequence alignment. These algorithms follow the growth of new hardware solutions like  Field-Programmable Gate Arrays (integrated circuits capable of  performing simple … Continue reading

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