Update: this site has moved (for the time being ;). Its new home is at biomcmc.blogspot.com.

This blog gravitates around statistical methods for evolutionary studies, which means you can expect to see a lot of Bayesian statistics, non-Bayesian statistics, phylogenetics, molecular evolution and the algorithms that glue them together. We can eventually talk about philosophy of science, virology or gastronomy – from a probabilistic point of view, of course ;)…  if you are looking for more personal comments I keep another blog with non-academic material (politics, leisure, etc). I have also a supersized microblog, with my daily rants that don’t fit inside a tweet.

The blog has its name from the program biomc2 that I have developed during my Ph.D. – which in turn was inspired by bioperl, biojava and other bioprograms… despite its name I don’t have a philosophical preference for Bayesian methods or Monte Carlo algorithms. They can be thought as starting points  for more general – or more detailed – discussions about any biological problem that demands a statistical treatment. On the other hand, I do feel more comfortable working under a Bayesian framework…

On this blog I write material related to my work, but it’s still my personal space. My employers have no responsibility over what I do here, and my mistakes are all mine O_o. If you haven’t done so yet, please read our policy for comments before joining the discussion.

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